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And experience real independence in your life and business

How often do you see people talking about super successful brands… high-converting Business website… those dreamy high-class sales, continuing growth in the market, and so on… which you’ve always craved to have in your business. Or ain’t you?

Why shouldn’t you?… I mean,

You’ve got the determination, you’re always on your toes to set things right, and you are into this, for nothing, but to win. 

You’ve been yearning to gain recognition for what you are best at (enough of being the hidden gem). Now, create a website for your brand that’s in-demand (I’m always here to do that for you), and launch it successfully to potential customers. Sound simple right? 


To do this, you need;

Product(s)/Service(s) that will help people see you as the solution to the challenge they have…

Product(s)/Service(s) that will help you break the shackles of time and enable you to help hundreds and thousands…

Product(s)/Service(s) that can generate consistent sales and allows focusing on new adventures in life and business…


Are you STILL in the procrastinating, wishing, planning, and hoping stage? Or you’ve tried launching in the past, but things didn’t go as planned?

Right Now I Understand That You Are…

OVERWHELMED with things you ought to put in place (Such as graphics for the design, series of pages you have to develop, contents to be posted, marketing puzzle, a high-converting sales copy, and many more). You don’t have enough time to get all these done by yourself, and they are essential to achieve the desired result. 

CONFUSED probably because you don’t know the way to go about the order of things or inability to discern which should come first and which the last thing to do is. What impact does your content have on your website? And talking about the website, what kind of brand website should you create? Where should you design your pages (WordPress, Shopify, or custom made code), and what’s the best platform to host your website? (Godaddy, Namecheap, or what?)

FRUSTRATED at the way things are turning out to be, and it’s getting to you because you thought it all to be an easy feat to achieve (at least that’s what you’re made to believe). 
Now, you’re STUCK because you don’t know the way forward to get the BEST results. 

You’re finally ready to turn your passion and expertise into an online brand and launch it big…

to upscale your income, make more impact, and bring significant changes to the lives of others.


Let me be your knight in the shining armor. I’ve helped lots of people in this situation to create and launch their brand online, which, in turn, got them a continuing high-sales generating system. 

I can help you, too.



Why hire me? Very straightforward, I get my clients their desired result even much more.

I have set up a new business called Bach & Tech Group Ltd so I was looking for a web designer to work on the design and configuration of its domain.

A mutual friend has hooked me up with Mubarak. Our relationship was smooth and professional from the start.

He calmly listened to what I want and how I want things to be done. He has designed the website from scratch to finish including the contents page. A great piece of art. You can tell by yourself www.bachandtech.co.uk.

We are working on a second project now which is an e-commerce and many more to come.

Need a web designer? I will 100% advise you to get in touch with Mubarak.

Brice Bachai

President,Supreme Investment

More than just a change or information, experience a transformational change for your brand

90 – Minutes Strategy Intensive


Need a detailed plan to launch your brand website? Or not sure of the kind of website to opt for, and you can’t afford to leave out any details that may jeopardize your desired result? Then, this 90-minute one-on-one intensive is your best bet to get on the right track. 

Firstly, we’ll make sure to have a clear understanding of your offer, highlight your goals, and come up with the best strategy for maximum profitability. Each website experience I did for my client is unique, and yours shouldn’t be left out.

This is why I ensure to have a full grasp of an individual’s business needs, lifestyle choices, and income goals before I devise a strategy for them. 

With this strategy intensive, you’ll be getting direct access to me, where I say things as they are, and not what you wanted to hear, and you can as well be damn sure not to get fluff advice from me.

Get your hands on the most affordable way to create a step-by-step 6-8 week launch strategy intensive with me, and if you ACT accordingly, this might be the ONLY investment you need to launch your product, or service profitably.


What you need to do is;


  1. Click on the button below to book a session with me. There you’ll be guided on the things you need.
  2. We’ll schedule a time that’ll be convenient for both of us to talk. We’ll communicate via Voxer call to discuss the current situation of your business and how to get the desired result of launching your online course successfully.
  3. Do you have something to ask about my service that you didn’t find on this page? Email me now at mubarak@maxihorizon.com. Prompt response is guaranteed.

Need something that you don’t see on this page? It doesn’t hurt to ask. email me at Mubarak [at] Maxihorizon [dot] com, and I’ll get back to you real quick! 🙂

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